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CO2 Rolling Trimmer for Marijuana leaf flower trimming

CO2 Rolling Trimmer for Marijuana leaf flower trimming

Are you still worried about pruning leaves after harvest?
Are you still spending a lot of time, labor, and money on trimming flowers?

The flash-frozen leaf trimmer launched by X-Trimmer has been favored by new and old customers once it is launched, and has the following advantages:


Save time:  90 seconds can process about 3lb flowers, yes, you read that right, 90 seconds, one and a half minutes


💴  Save money:  Hundreds of pounds of flowers can be processed IN ONE DAY, no longer spend a lot of labor costs


✊ Labor saving:  The operation of the machine is very simple, and one person can operate the machine alone


🤫 Good confidentiality:  You only need ONE PERSON to operate the machine, no longer bunch of people at your farm doing the trimming, and the machine basically has no noise


🍃 Buds after trimmed:  The sugar crystals are still there, the loss is minimized, dry trimming and wet trimming are both OK. After using, the machine is easy to clean


🚚 Free delivery:  Order now, free delivery through US mainland(other countries please contact me check the shipping cost), customers can choose to pick up from our warehouse or door-to-door delivery. Very easy to learn, just 1-2-3 steps.


⚠ Payment & Warranty:  We accept cash、check and online payment. You can pay for the machin after you test it and satisfid with the results. So basically it is satisfactory payment. Warranty for 3 years.

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