• PREMIUM QUALITY:  Multi purpose home and garden bags are BPA free and ECO friendly to be safe and sustainable; they can hold up to 24lbs and be used to bake, roast, boil, freeze and refrigerate. Customer Satisfaction guarantee! Full refund with no question asked!
  • HEAVY DUTY: Our nylon bags are made with extra strong seams to be leakproof and more durable than plastic; they're also smell proof to safeguard from pesticides and resistant to water, oil and grease
  • HIGH TEMPERATURE RESISTANCE: These large 3 gallon oven bags preserve the flavor and tenderness of meat and have a higher temperature resistance of up to 400 degrees F in any conventional oven
  • FOR KITCHEN USE: Food grade baking, brining and roasting bags are oven and freezer safe and perfect for cooking and marinating a turkey in a bag, chicken, poultry, fish and seafood
  • FOR HARVEST PURPOSES: Locks in odor and moisture to safely store dry and liquid fertilizers and maintain the humidity needed to keep herbs and harvested crops fresher for longer to minimize waste

3-Gallon 100-Pack - All Purpose Bags For Oven, Freezer & Refrigerator 18"x20"

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