X-Trimmer focus on precision leaf/flower/bud trimming. The powerful motor makes trimming work faster and easier. With the cleaning oil, you don’t need to worry about the heavy sugar. With affordable price, you definitely deserve it for your precious harvest.


  •  EASY OPERATION: Just plug-in to the wall then turn on the button. That’s it!
  • PORTABLE EASY MOVE: With the beautiful case package, it is very easy and convenient to carry wherever you want, especially for mobil-trimmers.
  •  HIGH QUALITY: The head part use steel material which is very sturdy, while the body part use aluminum. Passed the CE certificate.
  •  WORKING TIME: It can keep working at least 7 hours+ without break.
  •  WARRANTY1-Year-Limited warranty.
  •  WARNING: The scissor head could be sharp, be sure to WEAR GLOVES before turn on the button.
  • FREE SHIPPING all over US

Electric Power Bud Leaf Trimmer with 2Ft Wire

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